'DOOM 3' Now Has A PS VR Port

First released in 2004, DOOM 3 (or DOOM3 , if you’re being pedantic) was a massive step forward for the seminal FPS franchise, adding more elements of survival horror to the typically action-heavy gameplay. The success of this third installment led to a BFG Edition released in 2012, as well as the source code for the game being released several years later. Considering this was the last main entry into the series until the 2016 reboot several console generations later, it cannot be understated how important this game is.

As it would appear, that sentiment is shared with the folks over at PS VR, as DOOM 3 is getting a VR port, much in the same way the 2016 DOOM got its “VFR” port. This comes with both expansions, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission, allowing for the full experience of this classic once exclusive to PC and the original Xbox. The launch trailer emphasizes peeking around corners and using more defensive strategies which are befitting the VR style, as opposed to the traditional controller-supported FPS games.

Could this be one of the last Bethesda releases before the Xbox exclusivity really pushes forward? Did anyone really ask for a VR port of an older DOOM game? Either way, it’s damn fun to see play out, and even seventeen years later, this game looks like a dream.

See the launch trailer for DOOM 3: VR Edition below:


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