'Dragula' Season Three Monsters Louisianna Purchase and Maxi Glamour Release New Music

Life after the bloodbath that is Dragula is a tricky thing, even for the winning performers. A handful of the hopefuls were resurrected, with one of season three’s own, Saint, snatching the crown in the Halloween special Resurrection. While Priscilla Chambers joined her third season sister in that competition, that does not mean that the remaining pool has been silent. Two such Dragula alumni include the bewitching Bettie Page lookalike Louisianna Purchase and the Demon Queen of Polka and Baklava themself, Maxi Glamour.

Maxi has been vocal during these times of civil unrest and pandemic fatigue, with singles including the anti-Donald Trump track “Convict Him.” Their latest song, titled “Holy Demon,” is a dark electronic number with daunting lead lines and a stomp-ready groove about it. Their narration goes in on the current state of affairs, citing that “we don’t stop shouting until that’s all that they hear.” The modulated second voice adds a further uneasy edge to this simple but effective track, as Glamour takes up a cause worth fighting, and maybe also dancing, for.

Louisianna’s new single, “Whip Crack,” was created in collaboration with the excellent Mr.Kitty, and will be featured on her upcoming EP Rituals. Purchase herself plays theremin on the entire EP, saying in an interview with the Austin American-Statesman, “It’s featured heavily in a lot of ’50s B and sci-fi movies. It’s one of the few instruments when, the minute you hear it, it evokes a mood.” A bastion of the old school, Purchase’s looks in the music video invoke memories of Poison Ivy and Janet Leigh, with Mr.Kitty’s production providing a playground for Louisianna to work her magic with the iconic instrument.

Stream Maxi Glamour’s “Holy Demon” and Louisianna Purchase’s “Whip Crack” featuring Mr.Kitty below.


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