'Dragula' Star Priscilla Chambers is Raising Money for Her Gender-Affirming Surgery

Where a certain drag competition has only recently featured its first transgender contestant after a baker’s dozen seasons, The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula featured two AFAB (assigned female at birth) contestants and a non-binary contestant in its third and most recent full season. Further, one competitor, the North Carolina native Priscilla Chambers, began her transition during the show, telling fans that she was out as transgender to her castmates, but did not publicly come out until she started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) following filming.

Recently, Priscilla was one of the hopefuls on Dragula: Resurrection, and while she did not win in her bid to return to competition, she has an entirely new goal in mind going into the new year. Priscilla has launched a GoFundMe campaign to collect funds for her facial feminization surgery (FFS), a procedure that is one of many gender-affirming surgeries that a transgender person can get. That said, this procedure is often not covered by medical insurance, and as such, she is looking for help.

The goal for the campaign is $20,000, after which Priscilla has said she will take out a personal loan to cover the rest of the costs, which will include travel expenses, as her chosen surgeon is located in Florida. As of this printing, the campaign is approaching the $4,000 mark, so if you are able, check out the GoFundMe page, and even if you cannot donate yourself, surely someone you know or are connected with on social media can.