Horror Lurks Inside Your Mind in 'DreamBack VR', Releasing on Steam Tomorrow

They say you have to face your past to overcome it, that oblivion is not a real cure but a temporary escape. But what if your past can kill you?

Developer Come Over Gaming will release their first-person virtual reality psychological horror game DreamBack VR via Steam tomorrow for $24.99, with a launch discount of a 10% off.

In DreamBack VR, you get into the skin of a normal man, mentally and spiritually scarred after a traumatizing experience in an abandoned Victorian mansion. After being called to repair a broken electrical line, you had to spend the night in the eerie Rickfford Mansion. What happened there changed and damaged you forever -- even though you lost your memories of that fateful night, the nightmares and hallucinations you have suffered since then convinced you to face your own demons by reviving the night that changed your life through hypnosis. But there are some memories that are best left unearthed... 

Designed from the very beginning for Virtual Reality systems, DreamBack VR immerses you in a fully interactive and detailed environment. With its immersive movement and hand controls, you will have to navigate through the eerie Rickfford Mansion to solve its puzzles and enigmas through observation and intuition. DreamBack VR focuses its spine-chilling experience in atmospheric and psychological terror, without combat or action-oriented sections.

The game promises to offer great visual quality without sacrificing any performance, with stable frame rates and adaptive graphic options. Its audio and sound have been designed to offer an incredibly immersive experience, with dynamic spatial and binaural audio, which, together with high-quality ambience sounds and effects, create a truly harrowing unique experience.


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