Due to COVID Delays, 'Terrifier 2' Will Not Be Releasing This Year

Back when it was first announced, director Damien Leone said that his upcoming sequel, Terrifier 2, was aiming for a release this Halloween season, but that was before the COVID pandemic turned the film industry on its head. So, it appears we're gonna have to wait a little bit longer to see more of Art the Clown's bloody on-screen antics.

Leone provided an update over on Terrifier 2's official Facebook page this week, "Our initial goal was to have it out this month but like every other production, Covid set us back big time. We are finally heading into our final stretch of filming currently and our new goal is to have the film completed by early 2021."

He continued, "However, that does not mean we will have distribution secured. That will be the next step upon completion. As you know, Terrifier 2 is a completely independent film funded through Indiegogo and a handful of private investors. We did not have a studio or distribution company backing us so this is truly a grassroots campaign on every level. Believe me, we are as anxious and excited to release this film as you are to see it but the last thing we want to do is rush it. The cast and crew have truly put an unfathomable amount of time and energy into this film and we're trying to exceed expectations on every level.

"All I can say is, it will be worth the wait," he promised.

Upon completion of its insanely successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, the team behind Terrifier 2 guaranteed the film would be bigger and bloodier than its predecessor, and the previously released teaser (seen below) backs up that claim with an abundance of the red stuff and plenty of Art's trademark unflinching-yet-charming brutality.

In the film, after being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. As the body count rises, the siblings fight to stay alive while uncovering the true nature of Art's evil intent.

Lauren LaVera ("Iron Fist", Clinton Road) stars alongside Art the Clown actor David H. Thornton in the Damien Leone-directed sequel.

Terrifier 2 also stars Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Jason Lively (Night of the Creeps) and Tamara Glynn (Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers) also star.