Dustin Ferguson's 'Meathook Massacre' Slasher Franchise Now Available as a Massive Blu-ray Box Set

Sterling Entertainment have released an all-new collector's box set for director Dustin Ferguson's infamous Meathook Massacre slasher franchise!

The box set includes all eight blood-soaked films with brand-new artwork and extensive special features, presented on Blu-ray for the very first time, all housed in a gruesome collectible box that's autographed by Ferguson.

These movies are only available in this collection and are not for sale individually, exclusively from Makeflix.com! Usually priced at $109.99, a limited number of pre-order sets available for $20 off ($89.99) until Monday, June 13th, 2022.

In the tradition of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, follow Bubba and his flesh-tearing exploits across eight horror features:

Meathook Massacre (2015) Starring Breana Mitchell, Danielle Brookshire In 1989, 3 young women encounter car trouble on the way to a Dragonsclaw concert during a rainstorm. They are forced to go seek help, where one by bloody one they are attacked by a masked maniac and hung on meathooks. Shot on VHS! Meathook Massacre II (2017) Starring Deborah Dutch, Dawna Lee Heising 10 years after the events of the original film, a rash of new meathook-murders makes Dan suspect this may be the same Killer responsible for the death of his twin Sister and her friends. Taking matters into his own hands he tracks down the maniac in an underground cavern and not only comes face-to-face with the meathook wielding mongoloid, but his entire sadistic family as well! Meathook Massacre 3: First Hunt (2017) Starring Robert Lankford, Liane Langford This prequel tells the story of a young "Bubba Fleischer" and his sadistic family in the Texas backwoods as they take him on his "First Hunt". Based on the original comic book! Meathook Massacre IV (2018) Starring Brinke Stevens, Julie Anne Prescott On their way to Vegas, a group of friends celebrating a birthday get into an accident and end up going the VERY wrong way while looking for help. Meathook Massacre 5: The Final Chapter (2019) Starring Danielle Brookshire, Alan Maxson Forced to live with her traumatic past, a woman who escaped the clutches of a psychotic meathook-wielding killer tries to move on with her life in Southern California, but when a fellow survivor of their attacks brings news that they're moving towards her in a massive rampage to finish what they started she's forced to fight them once again. Meathook Massacre 6: Bloodline (2020) Starring Deborah Dutch, Amber Jenna Bohac Bubba is back. And this time, it's personal. Erik Anthony Russo joins the mix for film 6 of the MM franchise. Meathook Massacre 7: Bubba's Dead (2021) Starring Deborah Dutch, Dawna Lee Heising Aunty Deb and Bubba have hit the road to pick-up Sissy to start a new life together. However, it isn't long before some pesky college kids get in their way and they are forced to stack up the body count one last time before taking refuge at Ma Fleischer's new home. Meathook Massacre 8: Mayhem (2021) Starring Tina Thomas, Roger Trexler Take a journey back through the entire franchise as an obsessed fan goes on a little Meathook Massacre mayhem of her own after binge watching the series with her imaginary friend "Bubba."