EBM Worldwide To Host "Monsters of Industrial Bass" Stream To Benefit Animal Welfare League

In the age of Pandemia, the club scene as a whole has had to adapt, and the best way to deliver the tunes that would normally fill a dance floor has been via Twitch, DMCA claims be damned. Even better has been the way that some of these club nights and associated EBM/industrial outlets have been able to raise money for charity, particularly this summer for various racial justice initiatives.

To prove that this phenomenon can work year-round, EBM Worldwide has assembled a cadre of DJs and artists with the goal of raising money for our four-legged friends. This Tuesday, February 9th, beginning at 4pm EST, the group will host a twelve-hour charity stream dubbed the Monsters of Industrial Bass. Among the lineup is UK industrial champion Matt Hart, Mechanical Vein, and our own STEPHEN29, along with a host of industrial bass music pioneers.

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The proceeds collected will go to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA), which owns and operates the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter. They also provide spay and neuter assistance, education, and community outreach in regards to responsible pet care in the Northern Virginia area. To donate to this cause ahead of Tuesday’s stream, check out AWLA’s website.

The full line-up reads as follows:


DJDavidCraddock @ 5PM EST

MattHart3808 @ 6PM EST

Mechanical Vein of Hybrid Blak @ 7PM EST


DJ JerseyJackpot @ 9PM EST


STEPHEN29 of DarkoticaCincy @ 11PM EST

DJ Dyztort @ 12AM EST

DJ Nitrogen @ 1AM EST

DJ Bug Gigabyte of Sinthetik Messiah @ 2AM EST

DJ Nemesiscle @ 3AM EST

For more information, check out EBM Worldwide online.