Electronic Rocker The Anix Remixes Danny Blu's "Sanctuary"

In this age of Pandemia, the music world is seeing an influx of remixes and reworkings of classics and new hits alike. Lord knows we’ve covered our fair share of such things here, but this newest take on a modern dark pop anthem is something else altogether.

Danny Blu’s hit single “Sanctuary,” which closed out his Pale Horse EP from earlier this fall, has already received one makeover, as industrial bass beefcake Moris Blak remade the track in his own image. Now, some two months after the breakthrough EP’s release, electronic rock act The Anix, spearheaded by producer Brandon Smith, has offered up a new blueprint for Blu’s “Sanctuary.”

Smith’s take on the track is a dreamier, more lush soundscape than the synthpop with bits of heavy guitars sprinkled in that the album version had. The post-chorus interludes are swapped out for an instrumental break towards the end of the track, just before the final chorus. With a bit of pitch shifting in the vocals thrown in to jazz things up, this remix is a chill one, making for the kind of track one can put headphones on, queue up, lay back and let the sounds wash over them. The Anix is a fine producer known for his rock chops, but never discount the man’s ability to craft deep, ethereal pop just as well.

Stream/purchase The Anix’s remix of “Sanctuary” below: