Encyclopocalypse Now Publishing Novelization Reissues, Including 'Fright Night' and 'Re-Animator'

Saturn and Rondo award-winning producer and writer Mark Alan Miller, best known for Nightbreed: The Director's Cut and BOOM! Studios’ Hellraiser comics, is adding a new title to his already expansive resume: publisher.

Miller announced this week that his company Encyclopocalypse, which specializes in audio adaptations of notable works of horror literature, will be expanding into publishing books itself under a new expansion that will encompass both paperback and e-books.

The move came about partially as a result of Encyclopcoalyse acquiring the audio rights to John Skipp and Craig Spector’s novelization of Fright Night, the classic 1985 horror comedy starring Roddy McDowall and Chris Sarandon.

"I have always had a deep affinity for film novelizations. I had worked with Fright Night director Tom Holland on a number of projects, including his narration of my Hellraiser novella," says Miller. "From our conversations, I knew he had access to certain rights regarding Fright Night, so I pitched him on the idea of bringing the book back into circulation. He loved the idea, and we worked out a deal. And then Peter Atkins agreed to narrate it, and doing the recording for that was pretty much the most fun anyone can have without being arrested. So, between Skipp & Spector, Tom, and Pete, we have all these levels of horror pedigrees all overlapping in one beautiful venn-diagram of 80s horror."

Encyclopocalypse has established itself as a producer of premium audio adaptations of horror, thriller, and science-fiction literature, using professional voiceover artists and actors to deliver high-quality experiences, occasionally even using multiple performers and original music to create fully immersive audio dramas.

The company has already released adaptations of work by Mick Garris, Steve Niles, Joe R. Lansdale, Gary Brandner, and Peter Atkins. Additionally, Miller has over four dozen more adaptations in production, including further works by Brandner, Atkins, and Lansdale; an adaptation of the Fright Night novelization; and a fully-cast audio adaptation of Preston Fassel’s award-winning Our Lady of the Inferno starring Barbara Crampton (You're NextRe-Animator), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), singer-songwriter Kasey Lansdale, and Garris.

The Fright Night novelization is currently available for purchase via the Encyclopocalypse website or Amazon, along with over 30 other titles including reprints of the movie tie-in novelizations to Re-Animator by Jeff Rovin and The Visitor by Chauncey Parker III (the basis for the Peter Weller cult classic Of Unknown Origin). In addition to reprints, Miller also plans to acquire and publish original works of genre literature.

"I recently finished the audiobook of a novel that was exclusively generated because the author said to me, ‘Well, we could do this one, but it’s just so damn weird.’ My goal is to create a place where a book can see the light of day because it’s saying something nobody else will say," Miller adds.

A full catalogue of Encyclopocalypse’s audio adaptations, print books, and ebooks — along with submission guidelines — can be found at www.encyclopocalypse.com.