Erotic Lovecraftian Horror Game 'Lust from Beyond' Getting Second Standalone Prequel 'Scarlet'

Updated: Sep 3

Movie Games Lunarium’s erotic Lovecraftian horror game Lust From Beyond will be receiving a second standalone prequel in the form of Lust From Beyond: Scarlet.

The free-to-play and spoiler free introduction to the full version of Lust from Beyond will present topics and mechanics not mentioned in the already available Prologue, which was released back in July.

Unlike the Prologue demo, Scarlet will focus more on survival, gore, and interactive sexual elements. Moreover, it will present a new faction with Scarlet Lodge. Lust From Beyond: Scarlet follows a man named Alan, whose mind is possessed by a hardly satisfiable sexual drive. To control his emotions, he meets with a psychiatrist who is supposed to solve his problems. During the session, Alan talks about a strange date in an abandoned theatre. The story quickly turns into an experience filled with dread and dark desires... Lust From Beyond, the full experience, will be released September 24th on Steam, while Scarlet is currently listed as "Coming Soon". In the meantime, you can go add it to your wishlist.

Check out the reveal trailer below.

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