ESA and Corlyx "Eat Their Young" in Arresting, Uncomfortable New Music Video

This past spring, Electronic Substance Abuse (ESA) put out a brilliant industrial album in Burial 10 (review). Not one to rest on his laurels, J Blacker, the mastermind behind the machine, has another haymaker of a release with the Eat Their Young / The Scorn EP, which was let loose this past Thursday. Accompanying the release was a music video for the track “Eat Their Young,” which the man himself describes as an “epic almost anthemic industrial banger.”

It’s hard to argue with that label, as it is a pulsing groove that especially makes me sad that it’s not feasible to have a dance floor to tear up to this track. Once again, Blacker teams up with Caitlin Corlyx, who previously provided the vocals for my personal favorite track from Burial 10, “You Are Safe Here.” Her first verses are talk-singing, barking orders at the listener like the HBIC she appears to be in the music video. While Blacker’s pale-faced character in the video wields a baseball bat, smashing up bottles and making a Molotov out of one, Corlyx’s persona is an affluent heiress of sorts, the table in front of her adorned with any foodstuffs a woman of her standing could ever ask for.

It’s rare that an artist creates such genuine excitement and buzz in the scene they’re in, at least not without being a nostalgia act, but Blacker and his ESA project do just that.

Watch the video for “Eat Their Young” below (photosensitivity warning: flashing images):

Stream and/or purchase the EP below: