ESA Release Electrifying Video for "The Scorn"

From the head, from the hair, from the throat, to the heart.

UK industrial genius Jamie Blacker, under his Electronic Substance Abuse (ESA) handle, has given us another thrilling music video for “The Scorn,” after releasing one for the infectious “Eat Their Young.” Both songs, the latter featuring Caitlyn Corlyx, comprise the title of Blacker’s newest EP, Eat Their Young / The Scorn, which is second only to ESA’s full-length Burial 10, released back in the spring of this year. If the multitude of links haven’t given it away, ESA has quickly become one of my personal favorite industrial artists period, and the man behind that beast (or “That Beast,” as it were) keeps putting out great tunes.

The video for “The Scorn,” which Myles Fearnley shot and edited, and Blacker himself directed, sees him play a “Scorn Seeker,” as he seems to be reeling from a rough night out. After meeting some thugs in an alley, he gets taken for all he’s worth, before becoming a captive audience to a drag performer (Dis) and a dominatrix (Keri Bailey). As he falls to the Scorn Giver’s spell, he finds himself on the stage, performing for his captors with the same red face paint his muse donned minutes before. This ends up being the end of him, as the Scorn Giver snaps his neck, leaving the stage as his tomb.

I’ve said it plenty of times before, but this year has been Blacker’s through and through. He has a high bar he’s set for himself creatively, and he manages to pass it every time. If you haven’t caught on by now, you need to get hip to ESA, as it would seem that Blacker has really hit his stride.

See the stunning video for “The Scorn” below: