EuroSleaze Horror Film 'Castle of the Creeping Flesh' Coming to Blu-ray from Severin Films

On the road to their annual Black Friday sale, Severin Films have this week announced they'll be bringing Adrian Hoven's 1968 EuroSleaze horror Castle of the Creeping Flesh to Blu-ray.

"The rarely-seen EuroSleaze masterpiece from the creator of Mark of the Devil is packed with krimi depravity, mondo-style shocks and graphic gothic insanity," the company wrote on Facebook.

"In an ancient castle, a mad scientist is trying to revive his dead daughter by an operation, but there are certain body parts he needs that he can't get. His problem is solved when a group of drunken party-goers stumble into his castle."

Castle of the Creeping Flesh stars Janine Reynaud, Howard Vernon, Elvira Berndorff, Claudia Butenuth, and Michel Lemoine.

Special Features and Technical Specs:

  • Adrian in the Castle of Bloody Lust – Archival Interview with Joyce Hoven and Percy Hoven

  • Mark of the Devil Q&A with The Hoven Family at Austrian Pulp Film Fest

  • Locations Featurette

  • Trailers – English / German / Alt Title Appointment with Lust

  • Textless Opening Credit Sequence

  • German Opening Credit Sequence

  • English and German audio, with optional English subtitles

This special Black Friday edition comes with a limited, exclusive slipcase, and is also Region Free.