Evanescence Power Through On "The Game Is Over," Music Video Coming This Friday

Evanescence has unfortunately put their upcoming album The Bitter Truth on hold pending the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t making the most of the situation. Following up on their latest single “Wasted on You,” the band has put out the driving new song “The Game Is Over,” and has announced an accompanying music video debuting this Friday, July 3rd at noon EST / 9am PST. Those looking to set a reminder for the video can do so here.

“The Game Is Over” is a product of its time, as it examines the facade that we put up in the face of struggle and adversity. The heavier, ballsier track is a “piss off” to anxiety and uncertainty, an embrace of authenticity even when things are going down the tubes. Sonically speaking, it sounds right at home on either of the band’s first two albums, albeit with less of the symphonic or choral production that those works saw.

Listen to “The Game Is Over” below:


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