Fast-Paced Two-Button Brawler 'One Finger Death Punch 2' Has Arrived on PS4

When Carl Douglas insisted that “those cats were fast as lightning,” there’s no way he could have envisioned this. After seeing a PC release last April, followed by an Xbox One and Nintendo Switch port back in February, Silver Dollar Games’ One Finger Death Punch 2 has arrived at its final stop, the Playstation 4, as of last Wednesday.

The breakneck-paced brawling game is insanely simple to learn, as players need only two buttons to play. That said, button-mashing like one might in other fighting games will get you killed quickly. Precision and pacing are the names of the game, as you will have to time your hits to fend off attackers coming from all directions. Well-placed hits could land you a disarm, or even steal a weapon away from a foe, letting you bash or slice the next few stick people.

The original One Finger Death Punch was released for the Xbox 360 in 2013 and became a cult hit, thanks in no small part to its 1:1 response system, allowing players to feel every hit as it is dealt out. Brutal in nature, with a charm lent by its stick figure characters, it’s a simple premise with an addicting quality about it.

Watch the launch trailer for One Finger Death Punch 2 below:

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