First 'Black Water: Abyss' Photo Explores A Crocodile-Filled Cave System

Director and producer team Andrew Traucki (The Reef) and Michael Robertson have re-teamed for a sequel to the hit 2007 survival thriller Black Water, which achieved both critical and box office success, and the duo hope to repeat that success with Black Water: Abyss.

With Altitude Film Sales currently handling the film at the various film markets, the first photo from the film has surfaced online, teasing the sequel's cave system setting, one that's vastly different from the Australian mangrove swamps seen in the first film.

In Black Water: Abyss, "When adventure-loving couple Eric (Luke Mitchell) and Jennifer (Jessica McNamee) abseil into newly discovered caves with close friends Yolanda (Amali Golden) and Viktor (Benjamin Hoetjes) they believe they will be safe from the approaching tropical storm above ground. But as the cave begins to flood and oxygen levels fall, the group find themselves lost, disoriented and trapped. Little do they know the storm has also brought in a pack of primeval predators – hungry crocodiles for whom humans are easy pickings on the food- chain. Staring into the jaws of death, long-kept secrets emerge and force the friends to turn upon one another in a frantic fight for survival."

"It’s fantastic to be directing the next Black Water film. Dark, tight caves are scary enough but when there is a huge crocodile down in them as well it takes it to a whole new level," said Traucki.

Anthony Sharpe ("Wentworth", "Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries") also stars.

The film is written by Sarah Smith ("Bite Club", "Winter", "Wild Boys") and Ian John Ridley ("Bite Club", "Wentworth", "Wanted"). Neal Kingston and Pam Collis produce.

Most importantly, unlike most films of the genre, Black Water: Abyss will not rely on CGI to bring its predators to life but instead use real crocodiles, melded with special effects, as Mike Runagall from Altitude previously explained. "Black Water: Abyss employs the same ingenious approach on a much larger canvas to deliver a highly commercial high-concept thriller from a team with a proven track record in this arena."

Black Water: Abyss is slated for release in 2020. Check out the previously released sales art below.


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