'Five Nights at Freddy's' Will Grace The PS5 With a 'Security Breach' [Video]

Updated: Oct 1

Is this where you want to be?

The indie horror franchise that took the video game world by storm, Five Nights at Freddy’s, is now confirmed to make it to PlayStation 5, as of the landmark PlayStation Showcase last week. Interestingly, this will be a PlayStation console exclusive, at least for the first ninety days of release. According to the teaser trailer, the game will be available for both PlayStation 4 and 5, so one could assume that there will be some incentive to upgrade when the time comes.

As for the contents of said trailer, the voice of Baby is heard talking to Gregory, assuring him that what happened before was an accident, and that it will never happen again. On screen, we see images of large rooms and a very futuristic-looking Freddy Fazbear’s, this incarnation of the doomed pizzeria looking like the largest and most expansive yet. The mysterious Gregory can be heard breathing heavily, backing away from the voice as he tries to get out of the building in one piece. Sure enough, a jumpscare awaits after another, deeper voice insists that “she’s found us.”

In a press release, developers Steel Wool Games had this to say:

Hi everyone!

This has been an extremely anxiety-inducing yet exciting week for us. We know that you’ve all been asking for some teaser footage regarding the next chapter in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise for quite some time now. We sincerely apologize for the radio silence. We had an amazing opportunity to show the first footage of the game on Sony’s live PS5 launch event. And we simply just couldn’t pass it up! The teaser trailer you saw was in-game footage and not a cinematic cutscene. We hope it’s well worth the wait so far! We loved seeing all of your reactions! (We’re looking at you, Dawko) It’s been quite an adventure for the Steel Wool team to work on a project of this scale. We’re overwhelmed with the amazing, positive responses we’ve received, motivating us to work even harder. As an indie studio, it was truly a memorable experience to be launched alongside Triple-A titles for the next-gen console! Thank you all so much for your patience and support. Here’s to making the FNAF world bigger than it’s ever been!


The Steel Wool Team<3

That this latest installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s got showcase coverage among other industry giants at the PS5 reveal is massive for this IP. To think that just a few years ago, we were watching our favorite YouTubers practically defecate themselves playing this game, and now the brainchild of Scott Cawthon has a seat at the big kid’s table to end all big kid’s tables. It’s refreshing to see a success story like this, if we’re being honest.

See the teaser trailer below:

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