'Flesh Contagium' Poster Art and Images Tease Italian Exploitation Horror at Its Finest

Currently in post production, Italian director Lorenzo Lepori has shared with us some images and poster artwork for his upcoming horror film Flesh Contagium, which promises "Italian exploitation horror in its purest form." Check it all out below.

"In a lawless world, destroyed by disease and violence, Ornella (Shiri Binder) finds herself a prisoner of Udolfo (Pio Bisanti) inside a lonely fortress. To survive, the girl must accept the bestial love of this man, a killer enslaved by his cannibal consort Vera (Simona Vannelli), and become an accomplice of the couple. Both Udolfo and Vera are physically and mentally devastated by mutations, but they represent no worse danger than the sadistic Executors who march relentlessly outside the fortress. Before it is too late, Ornella will have to make a fateful choice and know the last, definitive horror."

Flesh Contagium is "inspired as much by the rough effectiveness of Bruno Mattei's post-atomic cinema as by the decadent eroticism of Jesús Franco," Lepori tells us. "The film follows its own path poised between a dark fairy tale and the western, between the natural beauty of the locations and the aggressive dynamism of special effects, in a hallucinated and dangerous atmosphere."

We were big fans of Lepori's 2019 creature feature Notte Nuda (review), so we're very much looking forward to his take on post-apocalyptic horror!

Lepori also stars in the film that he co-wrote with Alex Visani and Antonio Tentori.

Produced by Empire Video, DigitMovies will release Flesh Contagium on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD this December.