Floor Jansen Unveils Updated Vocal Cover of Heart's "Alone"

Floor Jansen’s legacy in symphonic metal reaches across several larger acts, including After Forever, ReVamp, and Nightwish, the last of which she currently lends her vocal talents to. In lieu of touring, the Dutch vocalist has released a number of covers, most notably her version of “Let It Go” from the Disney wintertime classic Frozen, which was recorded for her daughter Freja. Not one to rest on her laurels, Jansen has released another cover, this one a piano ballad take on Heart’s classic love song “Alone.”

While this is far from the first time this legendary ballad has been given an orchestral or strings variation, Jansen’s version cuts out most of the instrumentation, save for a piano played by Joost van der Broek, Jansen’s former bandmate in After Forever and current keyboardist for Star One. This isn’t even the first time that Floor has covered this song, as she’s played it live with After Forever, Nightwish, and even the Christmas Metal Symphony in 2013. All due respect to the original, but this stripped-back iteration makes for a powerful listen, especially a “holy shit” high note she hits around the middle of the song. Would Ann Wilson, the original singer, be proud? Hard to say, but I doubt she’d be the opposite.

Check out the stirring cover of “Alone” below: