'Friday the 13th' Fan Film 'Jason Rising' Premieres Impressive Final Trailer; Coming in June 2021

In celebration of Friday the 13th, the creative team behind Jason Rising have finalized a release date and unveiled a brand new trailer for their fan film, celebrating the universe and community of the Friday the 13th franchise.

The exciting new trailer features never-before-seen footage, an exclusive look at Jason and Pamela Voorhees themselves, and the announcement of a finalized release date: Sunday the 13th of June, 2021.

The press release details, "From the outset, James Sweet and his experienced team (Karl Whinnery, Freddy Heath, Vincente DiSanti, and Christina Kortum) have sought to deliver their fans a high-quality film to leave Friday the 13th fans around the world cheering."

To do so, they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to cover the costs of post-production on the film.

"Our goal for this campaign is to raise the remainder of the $25,000 goal from our last fundraising round, in order to afford the overall cost of post-production for the film," says Sweet. "This funding will allow our team access to the means to complete professional-level sound design, color grading, and scoring. This final campaign also provides an opportunity for those fans who still need to reserve their physical copy of Jason Rising!"

Fans who contribute to this final round of fundraising can support the fan film while also picking up exclusive perks, including Blu-rays, DVDs, t-shirts, hoodies, pins, posters, and more.

"We are thrilled to welcome you to our campaign and are greatly appreciative of any support you can give. After making your contribution, we also ask that you please share this campaign with your friends or family who you believe may enjoy this film," Sweet adds.

Made by fans and for fans of the Friday the 13th franchise, Jason Rising follows Wessex County Police Officer Pete Daltry (Kyle Vahan) and his Deputy Eve Glover (Anna Campbell), along with U.S. Marshals Jed (Jason Reynolds) and Bear (Jerry Bell Jr.), hot on the trail of three escapees (Lisa Sorenson, Jennie Vaughn, Elizabeth Garrett) from the Wessex County Corrections Farm. Soon after realizing their chase has led them onto the cursed grounds of Camp Crystal Lake, Daltry quickly discovers that they are the ones being hunted by the undead mass-murderer, Jason Voorhees (Dan Kyle).

Check out the insanely impressive trailer below.


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