Fright Rags Has Turned Joe Bob Briggs Into a Retro-Style Action Figure!

Joe Bob Briggs Action Figure Fright Rags

Ahead of next week's second season premiere of "The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs" on Shudder, which will be co-hosted by wrestling legend Chris Jericho, Fright Rags has today revealed their brand new Joe Bob Briggs Collection.

The collection includes new and reprinted shirts, two hats and, most importantly, the first ever Joe Bob action figure!

The 3.75” retro-style figure is a collaboration between Fright Rag and Plastic Meatball, and features 4 points of articulation fu, 1 set of drive-in speakers, 1 beer bottle, and beer fu grip!

Up for grabs at for $20 beginning Tuesday, April 21st at 10am EST, you'll only have 5 days to pre-order the figure, which is limited to 1000 units.

All of the other officially licensed Joe Bob Briggs merch will also go on sale the same day.