Fulci Unveil New Instrumental "Paura," Debut Album Remaster Coming in March

Just before Christmas, Italian death metal unit Fulci played a special live stream concert to commemorate the re-release of their second studio album Tropical Sun. At that time, we learned that the band was set to reissue their debut album Opening the Hell Gates, and we now have one of the bonus tracks from this impending release.

The reissue is due out on March 1st via Time to Kill Records, and features two demo tracks as well as some new offerings which pay tribute to the titular Lucio Fulci, acclaimed director of films such as Zombi 2 (aka Zombie in some international markets) and City of the Living Dead. The latter of those is inspiration for this newest instrumental, entitled “Paura,” which is “fear” in Italian.

If this isn’t the band’s intro song for live performances, I don’t know what else could be, as it has that booming, epic feel that builds the anticipation for carnage.

The track listing for the reissue of Opening the Hell Gates is as follows:

1. Zombie Slam Squad

2. Premature Sepoltura

3. Among The Walking Dead

4. Deranged Minds

5. Feeding The Undead

6. Gore Life

7. Opening The Hell Gates

8. Paura

9. Incubus In The Surgery Room (DEMO)

10. City Of The Living Dead (DEMO)

11. Inferno II

12. Death By Metal

Pre-orders can be found on the band’s Bandcamp page or their label’s Big Cartel website.

Check out the new instrumental track “Paura” below:


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