Full Moon Features Gets Extreme with 'Nekromantik', 'Der Todesking' and More

The Full Moon Features channel continues to grow and expand, adding new original and classic titles to its diverse library every week.

Now, the service has added a brand new category to its library, titled Extreme Cinema, featuring an expanding collection of films that go beyond the realms of good taste and are designed exclusively for the most extreme cult movie fan.

Launching this week, Extreme Cinema's initial selection of films will include the riotously violent European biker trash classic Mad Foxes, Jess Franco's jaw-dropping women-in-prison drama Barbed Wire Dolls and a selection of notorious German director Jörg Buttgereit's most gruesome and talked-about motion pictures: Nekromantik and its sequel, Der Todesking and Schramm. These four movies are difficult to find on any streaming service due to their still controversial content, but Full Moon has them!

Coincidentally, I reviewed all four of these Buttgereit classics back in February 2019 as a part of Cult Epic's phenomenal Sex Murder Art Blu-ray box set. All four, though decades old, still have the power to disgust and unnerve.

"The unsparing nature of the Buttgereit films have left horror fans polarized and Full Moon Features is PROUD to be presenting these disturbing pictures - and all of the films in the Extreme Cinema library - to hardcore fans and fans-to-be."

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