Full Moon Unveils 'Retro Puppet Master' Spinoff 'Doktor Death' for 2021 Release

Following the announcement that they're set to return to the world of H.P. Lovecraft for the upcoming Miskatonic U: The Resonator, Full Moon has revealed a trio of upcoming horror movies exclusively though Arrow in the Head, including a brand new Puppet Master spinoff!

First up, there's Doktor Death, a spinoff film that centers on the puppet Dr. Death, which was first introduced in 1999's Retro Puppet Master. This will be the second "solo spinoff" in the Puppet Master franchise, following last year's Blade: The Iron Cross.

Director John Lechago (Blade: The Iron Cross) returns to helm this spinoff.

"Doktor Death, one of the original "living puppets", is back, complete with sinister surgeries and deadly drugs. In this stand-alone shocker, a beautiful young med student is trapped in an erotic nightmare and must face-off against the demon that inhabits the evil puppet. Fantasy and reality bleed together in this eerie Puppet Master chiller from the director of Full Moon's recent hit Puppet Master spinoff feature Blade: The Iron Cross."

Other projects include an Evil Bong spin-off, The Gingerweed Man, which will be directed by Brooks Davis (The Macabre), and the steamy and erotic Cassex from Lindsey Schmitz (Femalien: Cosmic Crush). Head over to AITH for more details on these projects.

The site adds that all three projects will be going into production in early 2021.