Fungal Creatures Emerge from the Jungle in the Trailer for 'Demons Inside Me'

High Octane pictures have debuted the trailer for writer-director Alexandre Carrière's upcoming creature feature Demons Inside Me, which will be arriving on VOD platforms beginning September 8th.

In the film, "A group of rich playboys travel to Costa Rica to party, do drugs, and hook up with girls. Tossed aside by her boyfriend and isolated by the group, Jade spirals into a psychotic episode. As she fights the ghosts of her past, demonic creatures covered in fungi and dripping sap emerge from the jungle to claim the lives of those around her one by one."

Demons Inside Me stars Morgan Kohan (The Marijuana Conspiracy, When Hope Calls), Sebastian Pigott (Murdoch Mysteries, Pacific Rim), Drew Nelson (Fahrenheit 451) and Kjartan Hewitt (Molly's Game, "The Umbrella Academy").

I'm always on the hunt for great practical creature features, and if the trailer is any indication, Demons Inside Me is sure to be a real treat. Add it to your must-see list!