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Gary Holt Unveils New Custom Hutchinson Woodcut Guitar

Updated: Mar 28

Exodus and Slayer axeman Gary Holt has had his fair share of custom instruments in his decades of thrash metal destruction. After seeing his custom ESP Eclipse guitar painted with the man’s own blood, it’s difficult to see how Holt could top his own wild concept.

Enter James Hutchinson, owner and namesake of Hutchinson Guitars, who has done a number of medieval and Viking concepts for guitars in the past. The guitar maker’s previous customers include Doug Blair Lucek of WASP, and the insane amount of details in Hutchinson’s work is jaw-dropping. Holt and Hutchinson teamed up, after ESP sent Hutchinson a barewood guitar based on Holt’s preferred Eclipse model.

The end result is absolutely stunning, with loads of detail in the body. A prominent Baphomet, a choir of trumpeting angels, and even a levitating car. The fretboard features a Roman numeral 666 on the 12th fret. Etched into the headstock is an Old English styled ESP logo.

If you are so inclined, and presumably have a small fortune to toss at this six-string (or more) witcher, go over to the Hutchinson Guitar Concepts website and get on the waitlist.


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