Ghost Release New Music Video for "Life Eternal" As Cardinal Copia Ascends To Become Papa IV

On The Director’s birthday, March 3, Ghost released a brand new music video for the closing track off Prequelle (review), “Life Eternal”. The video is titled: Ghost – Life Eternal (Palacio de los Deportes Concert Video) because this is the show, on this same date, that Cardinal Copia ascended to Papa Emeritus IV. It was also the only 2020 date the band played! This haunting song quickly became a fan favorite shortly after the album’s release, and it’s really nice to see Ghost cater to their fan base like this, especially because they feature a lot of fans in the music video.

The fan footage includes them dressed as one of the Papa’s, Cardinal Copia, or Sisters of Sin. There are also plenty of candid shots of the Ghouls and Ghoulettes behind the scenes either in the dressing rooms, or side stage about to go perform. The live shots are exquisite, with the entire video edited into a black and white format, and ends with Cardinal’s ascension.


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