Ghostemane Releases Manic Music Video for "Lazaretto" Directed by Poppy

Updated: Oct 1

Earlier this summer, we learned that rapper and black metal enthusiast Ghostemane and post-genre princess Poppy are now an item, and are working together on material for one another. As if Poppy’s I Disagree and its deluxe reissue weren’t enough of a triumph for the YouTube star, she has now directed a music video for her new beau for his new song “Lazaretto.”

The song itself is a jarring piece of what I can only gently and semi-ironically call nu metal, though this is less backwards ball caps and more breaking balls. The detuned guitars punctuate Ghostemane’s fast-talking verses, as he switches between careful dictation and pronunciation and full-bore howling at a moment’s notice.

It’s a jolt of energy, at just under two minutes, and the video is a haunting, bewildering affair. From the shots of his crash test dummy band to underwater unease, this feels like an industrial music video with a death wish. It’s shocking and awe-inspiring, and serves as a perfect taste test for his upcoming album Anti-Icon, coming October 21 through his own Blackmage label.

Watch the anxiety-inducing video for “Lazaretto,” directed by Poppy, below:

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