Ghostface-Clad Figure from 'NXT Halloween Havoc' Revealed as Indi Hartwell

During the NXT North American and Women’s Championship matches at Halloween Havoc, a masked figure donning what was clearly a Ghostface costume (though commentary could not refer to it as such, pesky copyright and all that) interfered on behalf of the Gargano duo of Johnny Gargano (who won his match) and Candice LeRae (who did not). Though hostess Shotzi Blackheart dispatched the masked assailant during the incredible Tables, Ladders, and Scares match that closed the show, said figure re-appeared this week on NXT, getting involved in LeRae’s match with the returning Toni Storm.

After LeRae cheated to win the match with a dirty pin cover, an enraged Storm went after The Poison Pixie until Ghostface came to tip the numbers advantage in LeRae’s favor. Then came Shotzi Blackheart to give Storm some backup, until a kick to Blackheart’s face ended the melee. The Ghostface then took off her mask, revealing herself to be Indi Hartwell, which provides an interesting bit of continuity. Back in July, Shotzi and Indi squared off in a match, which Hartwell won following interference from Robert Stone and Aliyah.

In a backstage interview, LeRae said that Hartwell was basically her daughter, which is a bit comical given Hartwell’s background as an Australian woman. Nevertheless, the mood was brought down when the interviewer asked about Johnny Gargano’s upset loss to Leon Ruff, which saw the insanely lucky Ruff win the North American Championship, leaving House Gargano sans gold for the time being.

Watch the unmasking of Indi Hartwell as Candice LeRae’s accomplice, as well as a backstage interview with Hartwell and LeRae, aka Candice “LeSlay,” below:

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