Original 'Ghoulies' Creators Launch Petition to Reboot the Franchise

Ghoulies Reboot Petition

One of my personal childhood favorites, Empire Pictures' beloved horror-comedy Ghoulies celebrated its 35th anniversary back in January, and for the vast majority of its near-four decade existence, the film has retained an avid cult following.

Beginning in 1985, the original film spawned a franchise consisting of three sequels that ended in 1994 with Ghoulies IV. That means the little rubber monsters have laid dormant for 26 years, but that may soon change!

Original Ghoulies creators, director/co-writer Luca Bercovici and producer/co-writer Jefery levy, are currently rallying rights holder Sony Pictures to let them reboot the franchise with a brand-new movie, and to do so they've launched a petition over on Change.org.

The petition explains, "Bercovici and Levy are urging fans to climb the porcelain throne and support the #GhouliesReboot campaign in order to show Sony that audiences want a new entry to the series which originally ran from 1985 to 1994. Once we have hit our signature target this petition will be forwarded to Sony CEO Tony Vinciquerra, and hopefully discussions can start between Luca Bercovici, Jefery Levy and Steve Bersch at Screen Gems (a division of Sony) regarding production on a new and exciting Ghoulies reboot."

"Why a Ghoulies reboot? Why now? An entire generation of kids grew up with Ghoulies, and were by turns frightened, horrified, disgusted, and laughing out loud hysterically. Ghoulies reach was – and is – legendary. Kids afraid to use the toilet for fear of the slimy green creature that may lurk below," says Bercovici. "Ghoulies transcended its original generation and was embraced by the following generation who loved the weirdly strange and goofy world of the Ghoulies. The cult of Ghoulies has grown legion over the decades; this legion of old fans and a whole generation of new fans crave for a new Ghoulies for the new millennium."

At the time of writing this, nearly 300 fans have signed the petition. If you, like me, consider yourself a fan of Ghoulies and would like to see the franchise make a comeback, go sign the petition and share it on your social media pages!