Korean Found Footage Horror Film 'Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum' Getting an English-Language Remake

Gonjiam Haunted Asylum English Remake

In my coverage for the upcoming Korean zombie film #Alive, I mentioned that Korean filmmakers have set a pretty high standard throughout the last couple of decades when it comes to the horror genre. Among the films I mentioned was the 2018 found footage horror movie Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, which is now set to receive an English-language remake.

The Hollywood Reporter lets us know that the remake comes from a newly inked partnership between Black Box Management and Seoul-based BH Entertainment.

Directed by Jung Bum-shik and distributed by Well Go USA in North America, the original Gonjiam revolves around an online reality show that recruits a handful of people to explore the abandoned Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital.

The $20 million in the worldwide box office on a $2.2 million budget.

"We are thankful to our friends at Showbox for putting their faith in us to develop Gonjiam for U.S. audiences. Korea has become a second home for us, and we are excited to help share the entertainment and culture that has captivated the world’s attention," Black Box’s Mike Dill and Lowell Shapiro said in a statement.

Personally, I still haven't, and likely won't, jump on this English-language remake train. For the most part, Asian cinema is perfect the way it is, and more often than not, English remakes pale in comparison.

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