Grave Robbert Releases Cover of Alice Cooper Cut "Scarlet and Sheba" with Tim "Ripper" Owens

“Scarlet and Sheba” is the latest of the numerous cover songs Grave Robbert has been releasing over the past year. This one is especially exciting because it features Tim "Ripper" Owens from Judas Priest on a deep Alice Cooper cut! I got to take a sneak peak to write this juicy review, and this song ROCKS! I really love the contrast between these two voices.

"Scarlet and Sheba" subtlely begins with an omnious atmosphere when synonymous vocals kick in and repeat the melody. The deeper vocals of Robbert sing the second stanza while Ripper's clean vocals join again for the bridge for “Methodically, erotically…” The chorus sounds heavy and melodic, like iconic Judas Priest. Ripper actually sounds a lot like Ozzy when he dramatically sings “remains”. I love the switch-up to the intro to start the second verse with Robbert's deep vocals, and hearing the Ripper scream in the background! The simple but ear-catching guitar solo is mellow and suspenseful until the drums lead with the other instruments. The guitar rips before the awesome bridge again. Overall it does sound very Judas Priest-ish, and the end verifies this for me with the two mini guitar solos after that last chorus. It’s also my favorite part of the song.

Listen to "Scarlet and Sheba" below: