H.P. Lovecraft's 'The Colour Out of Space' Getting Special Book on Tape Release from Severin Films

Announced as an upcoming Black Friday title, Severin Films surprised fans today with a special audiobook release of H.P. Lovecraft's sci-fi short story The Colour Out of Space, read by Richard Stanley, who recently directed the film adaptation starring Nicolas Cage.

"Read by award-winning filmmaker Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil), The Colour Out of Space remains one of the most startling and significant works in modern horror history," Severin wrote on Facebook.

The special release comes on a purple cassette tape with with a run time of 84-minutes. A digital download code will also be included.

In The Colour Out of Space (via Wikipedia), "An unnamed narrator pieces together the story of an area known by the locals as the "blasted heath" in the wild hills west of the fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts. The narrator discovers that many years ago a meteorite crashed there, poisoning every living being nearby; vegetation grows large but foul tasting, animals are driven mad and deformed into grotesque shapes, and the people go insane or die one by one."

Richard Stanley's The Color Out of Space film adaptation is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD from RLJE Films. It's also currently streaming exclusively on Shudder.