Hand-Drawn Horror Adventure 'Mundaun' Is Out Now

Within the last fifteen years or so, the debate of games being an art form has picked up more steam than ever before. While gorgeous visuals are only one facet of any gem of a game, it can be one hell of a selling point. With the newest title from MWM Interactive, the hand-penciled adventure Mundaun, we may be one step closer to settling the debate once and for all.

The synopsis for Mundaun reads as follows:

After learning of his grandfather's mysterious death in a fire, the protagonist travels to Mundaun for the first time since childhood. He will soon discover that something old and diabolical is haunting the remaining inhabitants. The quest to find out the meaning behind these sinister events takes the player on an odyssey up Mundaun mountain: From steep meadows across stony fields and to the snow-covered peak.

Mundaun is a lovingly hand-pencilled horror tale set in a dark, secluded valley of the alps. Explore various areas full of secrets to discover, survive hostile encounters, drive vehicles, fill your inventory and solve a variety of hand-crafted puzzles.

Nearly every review I’ve read on the game suggests the haunting beauty of the Alpine scenery in the game, the greyscale aesthetic from the hand-drawn images enhancing it further. Pulling back the curtain a bit, this game came up in an ad on Facebook just last week, and all it took was a single visit to the website to read through the “about the game” for me to thrown down an Andrew Jackson on this title. Twenty bucks for a work of art like this is a steal, no matter if we just got that stimulus check or not.

See the launch trailer for Mundaun, out now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam or Epic Games Store):


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