Heavy Metal Magazine to Publish Zombie Comic 'The Rise' from George C. Romero

The Rise George C. Romero Heavy Metal Magazine

Over the last few years, George C. Romero, son of the late George A. Romero, has been working on a prequel (and I use that term loosely) to the genre-defining Night of the Living Dead, titled The Rise of the Living Dead.

Officially described as as a "prelude to Night" and a "love letter" to his father, Syfy Wire now reports the story has taken the form of a comic, titled The Rise, that'll be published within the pages of Heavy Metal Magazine!

The site notes the chapters of the comic series will be "serialized over the course of several issues of the magazine before being collected in a single edition."

"It’s a story taking place at the genesis of the zombie apocalypse seen in Night of the Living Dead, entirely self-contained with its own themes, ideas, and arcs to explore."

ScreenRant dished out the plot details back in 2017: "Rise of the Living Dead's plot takes place during the social turmoil of the early 1960s, not too long before the zombie uprising that occurred in Night. The story centers on Dr. Ryan Cartwright, a military-funded scientist tasked with finding a way to sustain human life in the event of a nuclear holocaust. This mission came to be following the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis in late 1962, which saw the United States and Russia come dangerously close to mutual annihilation. Cartwright's journey somehow leads to the creation of the Romero universe's first zombie, and the apocalypse that followed."

Stay tuned for more updates on when the graphic novel will debut and learn more over on Syfy Wire!