'Hellbound: Hellraiser II' Returning to Theaters Nationwide in 35mm

If you missed Exhumed Films' double feature screening of Hellbound: Hellraiser II and Rawhead Rex this past May at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, you're in luck, as they've now partnered with Lakeshore Entertainment for a nationwide tour of the 1988 sequel!

"We are very pleased to announce that together with Lakeshore Entertainment we’ve arranged for a nationwide tour of director Tony Randel’s super-rare 35mm print in select cities," Exhumed Films announced. "If YOU want to see such sights play near you, let your local repertory house know to contact us! We’ll be posting the full tour schedule soon, but your next chance to see it is at the Nitehawk Cinema - Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY on June 27th — this Monday!"

Get all the details on that Nitehawk Cinema screening here.

"Hellbound is something of a "Holy Grail" for Exhumed Films: ever since its creation in 1997, they have been searching continuously and desperately across the entire globe for a print of the movie to no avail," the company revealed back when their Colonial Theater screening was first announced. "This screening of a mint-condition, 35mm print – generously on loan from the personal collection of director Tony Randel (!) – is the culmination of decades of cinematic detective work."

Picking up almost immediately after the conclusion of Hellraiser, Hellbound finds protagonist Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) hospitalized after losing her entire family to the demonic denizens of Hell known as the Cenobites. Unfortunately, she finds herself under the care of the sadistic Doctor Channard (Kenneth Cranham), whose penchant for the occult once again opens the gateway to Hell, allowing Pinhead (Doug Bradley) and his gang of mutilated masochists to seek vengeance against those who have escaped their clutches.

Released just a year after writer/director Clive Barker’s instantly iconic horror classic, Hellbound: Hellraiser II is one of those very rare sequels that approaches (and perhaps, at times, even surpasses) the quality and intensity of the original. Written by Barker’s friend and collaborator Peter Atkins, and directed by American filmmaker Tony Randel, the movie maintains the stylish, dark fantasy imagery of its predecessor and expands on the first film’s mythology.