Ho99o9 Tell Two Intense Stories with "Christopher Dorner / Pray or Prey" Single

Jersey horrorcore purveyors Ho99o9 (pronounced “Horror”) have brought out the big guns with two brand-new songs as part of an exclusive 7” single. “Christopher Dorner / Pray or Prey” dropped this past Friday, and while the two songs sound drastically different from one another, they are essential listening, especially for the times we’re living in.

The first track of the single, “Christopher Dorner,” is named for the former Navy Reserve and LAPD officer who committed a series of anti-cop shootings following his termination from the police force in 2013. As the story goes, Dorner claimed that he was fired for reporting the use of excessive force by his training officer, Teresa Evans, and retaliated by killing four and wounding three others, before being killed himself in a San Bernardino Mountains shootout on February 13, 2013.

Showing what I know, I had never heard of this case until researching it for the title of this song, and now it is apparent why Ho99o9 named the hardcore-tinged track as such. It is a scathing diatribe against a broken system, embracing the time-tested punk delivery to get the message across.

The B-side for this single is “Pray or Prey,” a contemplative step back taken to reflect on things as they are. For a band whose music is usually so caustic, so volatile, hearing a track like this is jarring, but still just as effective and provocative as anything else in their catalog. As such, the single is a story in two very different parts.

The single can be purchased here, as can exclusive merch for the single. Proceeds from these sales will be donated to The Advancement Project, Black Disability Coalition, Black & Pink, and The Color of Change Educational Fund.


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