Horror Anthology 'The Macabre' Brings Five Tales of Terror to Indiegogo This Friday

The horror anthology format has grown immensely in popularity in recent years, and we're happy to see it. The wonderful format allows up and coming filmmakers to express and combine their creative visions and cocoon them in a nice little wraparound story.

With films like 10/31, Volumes of Blood, Tales of Halloween, and All Hallow's Eve, among others, it's also a format that's become synonymous with the Halloween season, especially within the last decade or so.

An upcoming horror anthology that has all of us here at CryptTeaze very excited is The Macabre, a 5-story horror anthology that was created by Eric Mathis of Grime House Films LLC and featuring a screenplay written by award winning writer Rolfe Kanefsky (Automation, Art of the Dead).

The film is gearing up to launch its Indiegogo campaign tomorrow, September 4th, and we've been provided with some early details to thrill you all with.

The Macabre's story goes a little something like this, "Shy girl Nancy is hosting a party for her horrible "friends". Nancy has all of the luxuries one could hope for to indulge her guests. Nancy has even invited a popular hypnotist to entertain her party. Little do they know that Nancy plans on using her celebrity showman’s special talents to reveal herself as the wicked entity she truly is! Nancy’s friends will be forced to tell stories that satisfy Nancy’s bloody appetite for the Macabre or face a horrible and untimely death.

"The terror never stops as the story takes a twist at every turn. This true-to-the-genre horror anthology delivers it all! Creatures, slashers, the supernatural, and everything in between! Is it all real? Is this party hell on earth? Or is it just a murderous mind game where Nancy’s unsuspecting friends are the pawns?"

The film also boasts a stellar cast that includes Mark Torgl (Melvin from The Toxic Avenger), Jeremy Spencer (drummer of Five Finger Death Punch, frontman of Psychosexual), Alan Maxson (Godzilla: King of the Monsters), indie horror scream queen Julie Ann Prescott (As Night Falls, Teacher Shortage), Drew Marvick (Pool Party Massacre), Kansas Bowling (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Mindy Robinson (Evil Bong franchise, Ballet of Blood) and Shawn C Phillips (Aka Cool Duder).

We're also told that there are some super secret horror icons involved that can’t be revealed until the campaign ends. Open casting will also begin towards end of the campaign.

In addition to some insane talent in front of the camera, The Macabre features some heavy hitters running the show, including legendary DP Howard Wexler (Savage Beach, Double Impact), producer Abel Berry (Blood Sombrero) and executive producer Drake Teer.

And if all of the above wasn't enough to sell you on the project, independent filmmaking legend Kevin Smith, the man behind classics such as Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, Mallrats, Tusk and the upcoming Killroy Was Here, even backs The Macabre. See for yourself in the video below!

Simply put, if you're a fan of horror anthologies, The Macabre absolutely needs to be on your radar. We'll be sure to update when the crowdfunding campaign and teaser trailer launch tomorrow! In the meantime, follow the film on Facebook for more info.

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