Dyatlov Pass Incident-Inspired Horror Game 'Kholat' Getting Physical Release on Nintendo Switch

After releasing digitally on Nintendo Switch back in May, Red Art Games have announced that a physical boxed version of the first-person horror game Kholat is coming to the popular hybrid system.

Narrated by actor Sean Bean, Kholat is an exploration adventure game with elements of horror inspired by the event known as Dyatlov Pass Incident.

"A mysterious death of nine Russian hikers, which led to countless, unconfirmed hypotheses. The player will plunge directly into the boundless scenery of the inhospitable Ural Mountains with the task to find out what really happened. In the course of events, you may come across more speculations than expected..."

Limited to 3,800 copies, the physical edition of Kholat is now up for pre-order and is expected to release in Q1 2021.

Kholat was previously released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where it sold over 700,000 units across those three platforms and accumulated over 3.5M users, becoming one of the most popular indie horror games.