Humanity is Cancer Stream New Single "Harlot," Announce Self-Titled Debut EP

A few weeks ago, the combined forces of Michael Wilson (guitars, ex-Abigail Williams and Aborted), Noah Buchanan (Nunslaughter, From the Hellmouth), and Lyle Cooper (The Faceless, Abhorrent) unleashed their first effort as death metal supergroup Humanity is Cancer, foretelling of a future of violence and death with their track “Cancer is Humanity.” With unflinching brutality and plenty of death metal chops from its major players, the track was a warning shot, and with their newest track “Harlot,” the group is set to unleash their self-titled debut EP, now set for release on November 13th via Redefining Darkness Records.

If you can believe it, “Harlot” is even more of a breakneck, windmill-headbanging affair, with hardly a second without a blast beat or crushing guitar chugging madness. The addition of a bridge, with some black metal atmospheric screams before a winding guitar solo gives the brutality a brief moment of respite, before going right to work on the poor cadaver on the table. Where “Cancer is Humanity” was a bit more methodical, “Harlot” is a high-speed car crash that will leave destruction in its wake.

Regarding the EP, the band has released the track listing, which reads as follows:

1. Cancer is Humanity (A Future of Violence and Death)

2. Harlot

3. Punishment Due

4. Beyond Salvation

Stream the new track “Harlot,” the previously released “Cancer is Humanity,” and/or pre-order the EP below: