IFC Midnight Has Acquired Supernatural Horror 'The Djinn,' Sets May 2021 Release Date

On May 14th, David Charbonier and Justin Powell’s The Djinn will arrive on VOD and at select theaters.

The supernatural horror movie follows a young mute boy named Dylan, who bargains with a sinister entity to finally have a voice…but at a terrifying cost. Now, Dylan must survive the night in his family’s small apartment, lest he pay the ultimate price for his wish.

The Djinn stars Ezra Dewey as Dylan, and he’s joined by Rob Brownstein (“The Young and the Restless”) as the father, and newcomer Tevy Poe as the mother.

Arianna Bocco, President of IFC Films, praised the filmmakers for their razor-sharp filmmaking abilities.

Bocco stated, “We are beyond excited to unleash their bold and layered vision to audiences with The Djinn and have them join IFC Midnight’s proud history of emerging talent.”

Although I’m typically a slut for horror in general, I’m particularly excited to see this movie. Ooh, I have an idea for a drinking game! Take a shot of gin every time someone sees or mentions “the djinn!”

Mark your calendars for May 14th!


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