[Images] Outlaws Terrorize Jamie Bernadette in Horror-Western 'Homestead'

Having had to shut down due to the pandemic, production will resume this August on the independent horror-western Homestead, and we've gotten our hands on some first look images and new poster art from the project.

The film, starring horror icon Jamie Bernadette (I Spit On Your Grave: Déjà Vu, 4/20 Massacre), will go out to distributors after completion.

"In the film set in 1800s Oklahoma, Beth (Bernadette) flees from an abusive marriage with her twin children—Irene (Betsy Sligh), a loud-mouthed 12 year-old girl who has an uncanny knack for shooting guns, and Brian (Cavan Tonascia), a shy and awkward boy who can never seem to do anything right. Beth soon meets Robert, a charming man with dreams of living off the land. They marry and together, become homesteaders. They build a small cabin far off in the Western frontier away from civilization. Beth adjusts well to life on the prairie, and Robert quickly becomes a strong father figure for the children."

"When a gang of outlaws, each with their own uniquely twisted and terrifying personality, finds the family on their little homestead and terrorizes them, Beth starts to question Robert’s identity and his obscure past. Trapped on their homestead, outgunned and outnumbered, the family’s survival comes to rest in the hands of twelve-year-old, hot-tempered and hair-triggered Irene, who trusts few and shoots first."

Written and directed by Ehrland Hollingsworth, who also produces with Amna Mehmood, both of Oak Street Productions LLC, Homestead also stars Greg Kriek ("Black Mirror", Rogue), Mike Ferguson (Silencer, Jaws of Los Angeles), Mike Markoff (Stolen Season), Scot Scurlock (Pain Killer) and Mark Madeo.


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