Imperative Reaction Teases New Album 'Mirror' with Single "Glass"

Fans of 2000s EBM staple Imperative Reaction have had to wait sometime for any hints of new music -- their most recent release, a self titled album, was almost a full decade ago at this point -- but the wait is finally over.

As a lead-in for their long-awaited new album Mirror, Imperative Reaction has released a lyric video for its lead single “Glass”, viewable now on YouTube… and man, the wait was worth it.

All the classic IR staples are here in this track: frontman Ted Phelps’ soaring vocals, masterful sound design, and danceability. As often seems to be the case with their music, the music and lyrics immediately grab hold of your emotions and take you on a ride straight through to the end. The song’s themes of detachment and isolation will definitely hit close to home for everyone who’s had to live through the last year with us.

But there’s also something new here. This is a much slower lead-in single for an album than we’re used to from IR, and while still danceable, it’s more somber than the previous album’s first single “Surface”. Time will tell if the whole album has a more subdued focus than before or if it will be filled with the same intensity as previous efforts, but it’s sure to be a hell of a release, and a perfect lead in to the new year.

Imperative Reaction’s Mirror is out January 2021 and can be pre-ordered through their website,