'In Darkness I Wait': Third Chapter of "The Pale Faced Lady Saga" Debuts Online [Video]

"No more sadness. No more loneliness. I'll take it all away. Let me in, but suffer endlessly."

We first heard about filmmaker Jeff Payne's third installment in his "Pale Faced Lady" short film series late last year, and we're very excited to report that the exciting climax, titled In Darkness I Wait, has made its world premiere online.

"Terror was my biggest focus in creating In Darkness I Wait. The Pale Faced Lady (chapter 1) created the story. She Will Return (Chapter 2) delves into the ghosts origins and establishes the build up. In Darkness I Wait, I want it to be a ride full of horror and dread, a companion piece to the other two giving you the scares, said Payne. "It's the final act of a story. I am so unbelievably proud of this film, and couldn't have done it without the cast, crew, family, and friends. I owe everything to them in helping me create this dreadful little piece of horror."

You can watch the entire 25-minute short below. The previous two entries, The Pale Faced Lady and She Will Return, can also be viewed over on Jeff Payne's YouTube channel.

We highly recommend checking the trilogy out. It's creepy and atmospheric ghost story goodness that features an extra layer of polish not usually seen in indie efforts such as this.