• Lucas Liner

In Flames Releases Arcade Version of 2019's 'I, The Mask'

Updated: Mar 28

Swedish melodeath legends In Flames have expanded their horizons once again. Last week, the band released an arcade version of their 2019 disc I, The Mask. The chiptune take on the music is a fun stylistic choice, as well as one which highlights the “melodic” in “melodic death metal.” The guitar passages, dual guitar harmonies, and the vocal melodies get to shine through in these 8-bit recreations.

The original cut of the album came out last March, and featured the first studio work of bassist Bryce Paul and drummer Tanner Wayne. It charted in fifteen countries and topped the charts in Austria and the band’s native Sweden.

In an era where nostalgia is seemingly stronger than ever, In Flames is taking full advantage of the zeitgeist. Perhaps this will be the first of several arcade versions. Could you imagine what an 8-bit reworking of songs like “Trigger” or “Episode 666” would sound like?

Listen to the arcade version of "I, The Mask" below and order the 12-track album today via Better Noise Music.


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