In This Moment Unveil Bewitching Video for "As Above So Below"

March sure seems like eight years ago, rather than eight months, but the early days of Pandemia were blessed with In This Moment’s seventh album Mother, further embracing their mystical motif they explored on their previous effort Ritual. Chief among this exploration for Mother was the track “As Above So Below,” an old Hermetic motto which has been adapted by pagan religions and beliefs for some time now. Yes, it’s also the name of a 2014 found footage horror film, but stay with me here. It is the idea that, as the chorus’ lyrics state, “what you reap is what you sow,” that anything you put out into the Universe will come back to you - good, bad, or otherwise.

The music video for the track, directed by lead singer and band figurehead Maria Brink, features four main visual throughlines. One sees figures dressed in black, with white masks of featureless faces, while another is strikingly white, as Brink is seen in a white bath of some sort. The third and most interesting visual set is with the rest of the band as miniature puppets, playing along as they would in any other music video. It’s a weird look, which is diverted and semi-redeemed by the red-winged angel that comprises the fourth and final set.

Mother is out now on Atlantic/Roadrunner Records now.

See the haunting video below: