Introducing the CryptTeaze Podcast Network!

Graphic by AudioFlesh (@audioflesh)

Three and a half years ago, CryptTeaze began thanks to a few passionate horror fans with computers, film collections, subscriptions to streaming services, and something to say. As we enter the new year of 2021, CryptTeaze looks to evolve and reshape what it means for us to be a force in horror news media. Thus, we present to you the CryptTeaze Podcast Network, a collection of series which will explore not only film, the cornerstone upon which the foundation of CryptTeaze has been built, but other media, including music, pro wrestling, and other passions held by our creators.

Starting out, the CryptTeaze Podcast Network will host the following series:

Headstones: A weekly news program focused on the latest developments in horror, including film, music, gaming, and more.

CryptTeaze Family Fun Night: A fun movie critique roundtable featuring a rotating cast of CryptTeaze writers and special guests.

Slice of Action: The weekly pizza wrestling show, covering the history, news, and fun of pro wrestling. Hosted by AudioFlesh & Lucas Liner.

ROTify: A music-centric podcast, covering the latest in horror-influenced music - with a focus on metal, industrial, and electronic subgenres.

In the Cut with AudioFlesh: In The Cut is an interview series hosted by AudioFlesh. The series will take an intimate look into the darker side of art and the creative minds who make it.

Fiends and Fellows of the Fog: A monthly podcast based on their Dead by Daylight editorial columns “You Tried to Make Me a Killer” and “Children of the Campfire.” Lucas Liner discusses prospective Survivors and Killers, their Perks and Powers, and potential builds.

Things You Hear in a Graveyard: A sporadic after-hours podcast, featuring a collective of the CryptTeaze staff riffing and klatschen. Come as you are, and anything goes.

This marks the beginning of a new era for CryptTeaze. We are still, and will always be, for horror fans, by horror fans, and in recent times, our family has grown and flourished. As such, here is the current roster of CryptTeaze staff:

Nikolas Sullivan - Editor-in-Chief, Owner

Lucas Liner - Managing Editor, Columnist

Chase Will - Contributor, Film

Robyn Luddite - Contributor, Music and Film, Columnist

Sean Wheeler - Contributor, Film, Columnist

Stephen Eckstein (Stephen29) - Contributor, Music and Gaming

Samuel Capozziello (AudioFlesh) - Creative Director, Contributor

Paul Nowicki (HΛvok) - Contributor, Music

Monte Adams (Artist X) - Staff Photographer

In the meantime, you can catch our maiden voyage on CryptTeaze Family Fun Night, as we riff on Gremlins with "Uncle Creepy" himself, Steve bah-gawd Barton!


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