Introducing The CryptTeaze Twitch Crew!

Just before the end of the year that was, we here at CryptTeaze launched our Twitch channel, where we’ve been playing games every Monday night. We’ve assembled a very motley crew of gamers, wiseasses, and not-professional gamers. Ahead of our upcoming Dead by Daylight Lunar New Year special this Monday at 8pm corn time (EST), we would like to introduce the fabulous five that are the CryptTeaze Twitch crew!


Demcie is a life-long gamer with a love of horror and puzzle games. Currently, he’s going to school for CIS programming, and is the fiance of our own Robyn Luddite. He’s quick on the button and quicker on the jokes, and is usually good for a quick one-liner or the odd stream-long gag.


Neeko is an avid gamer, cat parent, and weeb, and they’ll tell you just as much. Outside of streaming, they are a model, graphic designer, and photographer. They bring with them extensive experience in streaming and gaming, as well as carrying the team when they ultimately come up short.


DJ STEPHEN29 is the head resident of Darkotica, the sister night of our partners The Ination. His favorite game, nay, the only one he plays with any regularity, is Doom Eternal, and he’s the dubiously proud owner of a Hot Topic tramp stamp. Thus far on streams, he’s ended up as the first one dead in Dead by Daylight, but it is his willingness to suffer for the content that makes him an invaluable addition to the CryptTwitch.

In addition, check out the DarkoticaCincy channel for their weekly Thursday streams of industrial and EBM music.


Many don’t know that it was Chairon who suggested that we play Phasmophobia on the stream in the first place, and it was those handful of streams that brought him to the team. His willingness to do anything for the views or the laughs makes him good friends with STEPHEN29, and his sense of humor and quick wit have earned him a coveted spot on the CryptTwitch team.


Rounding out the team is our own Lucas Liner, aka Lucia Zelenia, aka our managing editor. While horror games and their anxiety disorder don’t exactly mix, they’re always down for a laugh, especially when they can’t find Demcie in a DBD match. An entertainer and ex-haunt actor, they’re no stranger to popping a crowd, whether in-person or virtual.

Find any of the crew at their personal channels in the links above (shown in green), and peep this Killer's row of streamers below!


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