Jason Voorhees Channels Phil Collins with "At the Camp Tonight" ("In the Air Tonight" Parody)

Wait. Jason Voorhees can play drums!?

We absolutely love The Merkins, a brilliant group of individuals who have been putting horror spins on classic tracks for years now. From the Slashstreet Boys, a Backstreet Boys parody group comprised of horror’s most beloved icons, to clever solo covers by those same characters, The Merkins show no sign of slowing when it comes to creating wholesome and creative content.

Their latest video features the Crystal Lake killer himself, Jason Voorhees, singing "At the Camp Tonight," a parody of Phil Collins' hit "In the Air Tonight." Give it a watch below!

The Merkins are Richie Clayton, Matt Helmick, and Nate Vaill. Be sure to support them on Patreon!


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