Jayro Bustamante's 'La Llorona' Hits Blu-Ray/DVD on March 2nd

On Tuesday March 2nd, Shudder’s La Llorona will be available to own on Blu-ray and DVD via RLJE Films.

Directed by Jayro Bustamante, the subtitled horror film has been a critical darling since its 2020 streaming premiere. This is partly because the true terror comes from its slow burn pacing and artful character building, allowing the tension to rise until audiences stop anticipating jump scares and are truly caught off guard.

Based on the classic Latin American fable of “The Weeping Woman,” La Llorona presents a familiar story in a way that’s both original and politically relevant.

When a retired general is accused of genocide by the Mayan people, he and his family are trapped within their massive home by the hundreds of violent protestors outside. Not only are they abandoned by their household help, they’re also trying to shield their children from the nightmare that awaits them if the protestors get inside. But the angry mob isn’t the only threat to the family; a sinister entity seems to have a personal vendetta with the general…and there’s something curious about the new nanny.

I enjoyed Bustamante’s La Llorona, and despite the relatively slow pacing, it kept my attention on the screen. I was, admittedly, hesitant to give the movie a chance even after seeing all the critical praise. After all, I’ve been burned before by movies with “La Llorona” in the title (*cough* Conjuring universe *cough*). Fortunately, Bustamente is more interested in good filmmaking than simply catering to our ever-growing need for cheesy imagery and ill-timed jump scares.

Will you own La Llorona when it arrives March 2nd… or will The Weeping Woman have a word with your manager??